Transforming middle school teaching and learning.

For Districts and Schools

Each RAISEup Texas expansion site implementation includes:

  • Targeted, multi-year professional development for teachers, specifically tailored to the needs of each school, on research-validated teaching and planning tools and learning strategies for students.
  • Intense, multi-year coaching by SIM experts to provide external supports to staff, assist with program roll-out to achieve high outcomes and provide support for whole-school implementation.
  • A campus leadership team that meets regularly to analyze school-based data to identify the specific needs of the school, and lead the school-wide support system for effective project implementation.
  • An on-campus staff coach, who works closely with the Principal to ensure fidelity to the model and support the ongoing training and coaching of teachers in SIM routines and strategies. The coach will become a Certified SIM Professional Development Expert over the course of the project to fully sustain the model.
  • A full year of personal coaching in leading change for the principal, provided by Raise Your Hand Texas, in conjunction with the International Center for Leadership in Education.
  • Membership in a regional network of 16 schools with high concentrations of struggling learners working together in a professional learning community to create a tipping point for change in education.