Transforming middle school teaching and learning.

Return on Investment

5.6 MRAISEup Texas can change the lives of tens of thousands of students. E3 Alliance is now seeking a total of $5.6M: $3.4M in private investment, to be matched by $2.2M in district investment, to scale to 16 schools of concentrated need over the next five years. The lives of more than 28,000 students will be changed over a 5 year scaling plan while laying the groundwork for sustained change for many more. By targeting enough schools – the right schools – there is a unique opportunity to demonstrate a tipping point for real population-level impact that shifts economic outcomes for an entire region. If instead we choose not to act, and just half of the struggling learners in those same 16 middle schools drop out, it will cost our taxpayers 2.8 BILLION dollars more in lost wages and taxes.

By successfully improving the educational outcomes of so many learners in these targeted low growth schools and achieving true population-level impact in our region, RAISEup Texas will not only demonstrate phenomenal ROI, but become a model for middle school reform across the state and nation.