Transforming teaching and learning so all students succeed.

A Shared Set of Instructional Tools for ALL Classrooms

raise-up-texas-modelRAISEup Texas: a targeted, whole-school approach to improving student achievement. With RAISEup Texas every teacher, in every subject uses research-validated tools and strategies to help ALL students “learn how to learn” and think critically. Struggling learners receive additional interventions in a nationally recognized, fully integrated Response to Intervention model for schools. This proven set of instructional tools doesn’t change WHAT is learned – the text books or curriculum standards – but HOW students learn and HOW teachers plan. It develops habits of thinking that can serve students throughout their lives. Educators and students report that it provides a consistent set of tools for all students to achieve at high levels. These tools, which include Content Enhancement Routines and Learning Strategies, are part of a body of research known as the Strategic Instruction Model developed by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

RAISEup Texas is different from other “reform” models:

  • It is proven to be effective with every type of learner, not just some specific student groups.
  • It applies “whole school” – to every teacher in every classroom including math, science and even P.E.!
  • It is curriculum independent.
  • It has proven evidence of success.
  • It has built-in sustainability to ensure lasting results.
  • It is extremely cost-effective, at just about $200/student to implement.