Transforming teaching and learning so all students succeed.

What does it look like?

what-does-it-look-likeIn addition to supporting the improvement of campus culture and climate, our team also brings a structure for improving instruction for each campus. The RAISEup Texas instructional framework integrates research-validated instructional strategies and works in partnership with each campus to develop a synergy of best practices. Included among the research-validated strategies are tools from the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) created by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. SIM Content Enhancement Routines in all classrooms and SIM Learning Strategies in learning environments designed for intervention are integrated with best practices chosen specifically to meet the needs of the learners for each campus. Through intensive, multi-year professional learning and coaching for leaders and teachers, including planning for sustaining practices beyond the project, campuses are able to elevate teaching and learning across all classrooms and develop a professional learning community with a laser-focus on student achievement.

The RAISEup Texas Instructional Framework:

  • Builds deep conceptual learning skills.
  • Empowers students to take ownership of their own learning.
  • Uses powerful instructional tools in every class, for every student.
  • Supports in-depth teacher planning to increase rigor.
  • Focuses on struggling learners to close achievement gaps.