Transforming teaching and learning so all students succeed.

home_imgRAISEup Texas is a collaborative effort that starts in elementary school and continues in middle school to transform teaching and learning. It is changing how students learn and meet high standards for college and career-readiness by implementing instructional strategies that help all students learn and achieve, in every subject and every classroom.

This multi-year, whole-school transformation process integrates and aligns systematic support for students, teachers, and leaders.

Learn more about RAISEup Texas in these short videos below.

What is RAISEup Texas?

RAISEup Texas in action

  • My clients all want to see strong ROI for their investments, and so do we. We invested in the RAISEup Texas demo project, and now we’re looking at a huge ROI to the region for the expansion of this work. $3.3M in private investment could save $2.8B in additional costs to our region. Who wouldn’t want to invest with that kind of ROI?
    - Don Kendrick, Regional President, Wells Fargo
  • RAISEup Texas is one of the few investments we’ve ever made where we can show strong evidence that we can significantly change outcomes for middle school students. Middle school is a critical time for students that gets far too little attention from investors.”
    - Michele Walker-Moak, Manager, Applied Materials Foundation
  • We are excited that RAISEup Texas has truly transformed middle schools, for only about $200 per student. That’s a steal for real change in education with demonstrated, sustained results! We encourage other funders to be part of the effort to expand this transformative work.
    - Jami Hampton, Senior Program Officer, RGK Foundation
  • The RAISEup Texas demonstration project was a major investment for us.  We were pleased when the reported outcomes, provided by external evaluators, showed struggling students in RAISEup Texas schools gaining 10 times as many points in pre- to post-testing as their nationally-normed peers across the country.  This kind of change is very significant.
    - Coleith Molstad, Executive Director, The Roy F. & Joann Cole Mitte Foundation
  • The E3 Alliance RAISEup Texas results are compelling, and by taking it to scale we can truly create a real “tipping point” for educational change across our entire region.
    - Trisa Thompson, Vice President of Social Responsibility, Dell
  • With RAISEup Texas, we have demonstrated results, it’s a sustainable program, and it simply works. It’s time to take RAISEup Texas to scale so that more students can benefit.
    - Michele Walker-Moak, Manager, Applied Materials Foundation
  • I was reluctant at first – was this just another fad? But when I tried it I found that all my students were really improving quickly. As I’ve used more and more routines, the students have gotten better and better. Now I’m a total convert!
    - 8th Grade Math Teacher
  • This is the first thing I've learned that changed my teaching practices, and when I used SIM with my students, I saw my students' unit test scores go up at least 25%.
    - 7th Grade English Teacher
  • The Strategic Instruction Model helps us think deeply about critical course standards, the content students need, and align instruction with standards.
    - 6th Grade ELA Teacher
  • Simon Middle School is a very diverse school and one of the most challenged in the region, yet we’re succeeding with our students on every level. With RAISEup Texas we’re educating our kids and we’re educating our community, which in turn will change the world.
    - Matt Pope, Principal, Simon Middle School
  • When our students use SIM, they begin to see not just the connections between topics, but the deeper skills of analysis, synthesis and critical thinking that support these connections. These are precisely the skills that students need to be college and career ready.
    - Nancy Guerrero, Principal, C.D. Fulkes Middle School
  • Wiley Middle School is an entirely different campus after RAISEup Texas – it has had phenomenal outcomes. The pay-off when the learning gap is closing and student confidence improves is so great that there’s no way I wouldn’t do this again in another school.
    - Sylvia Flannery, Former Principal, Wiley MS
  • When people ask me why we are not only sustaining RAISEup Texas but expanding it to other schools across the district I answer quite simply: “Because it works!” Our students, teachers, and staff love it and the data says that this is what we need to be doing to help students across our district, so we’ve made the commitment to make it happen.
    - Dr. Kimbroly Pool, Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum & Instruction, Hays CISD
  • Our other middle school kept asking why they can’t have RAISEup Texas? They heard about the great things going on with students at Goodnight and were really pulling to get it themselves. Now we’re making it happen…
    - Mark Eads, Superintendent, San Marcos CISD
  • Especially in budget times like these, we simply can’t afford to put our money into programs without proven success. We will invest in RAISEup Texas for our target middle schools because it has evidence that it works for students and for schools.
    - Paul Cruz, Superintendent, Austin ISD
  • Last year and before I made 70’s or below in all of my classes, but I am now making all A’s & B’s!
    - 6th Grade Student
  • I did not think that I would make it through high school, and that I would drop out. But now I have the tools I need to learn better and to stay in school, and I’m going to college!
    - 8th Grade Student
  • All of my teachers use these routines in all of my classes. They help me organize information.
    - 7th Grade Student
  • Our work with the E3 Alliance and Partner Districts in this collaborative effort has been an extraordinary and unique experience. In the hundreds of projects that our center has engaged during its existence, we have never dealt with a group of professionals who are so committed and passionate about making changes to existing practices to improve outcomes for learners.
    - Dr. Don Deshler, Director, The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
  • Too often in our classrooms students get fragmented pieces of information with no way to assemble them. They are rarely privy to the big picture of what they are expected to learn.
    - KUCRL Researcher, Creator of the Unit Organizer
  • No matter where I go, I’m taking the Unit Organizer and these other routines with me. This is how I teach now.
    - 6th grade math teacher
  • I wish I had learned this way.
    - 7th grade science teacher
  • This just seems like the right thing to do—bringing students into the conversation about what we are going to learn and when.
    - 7th grade ELA teacher
  • For me, being new to the campus and needing to make instructional changes, the Unit Organizer and other routines provided the perfect blend of teacher professional development, effective instructional strategies, and ease of implementation. It really moved our campus forward more rapidly than I expected!
    - RAISEup Campus Principal
  • Everything was wacky before (the Unit Organizer), and you did not know what was going to happen. Class was not as organized, and we just learned things randomly. I am more aware of what is going on now.
    - 6th-8th Grade student
  • It (school) is less stressful now than it has been in the past because now I know the important dates and there are no surprises. When I am absent, I know what we did (in class).
    - 6th-8th Grade student
  • It helps me understand what we are doing. When we didn’t have it last year, class was confusing and I didn’t know what we were learning.
    - 6th-8th Grade student